September 16, 2015  |  JPL von Karman Auditorium

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About this workshop

Goal: Bringing JPL water scientists together to meet and to identify/discuss new water research frontiers. The water cycle describes the movement of water over, above and through the Earth’s surface. Water plays a key role in the behavior of weather, climate and environmental systems and modulates Earth’s regional and global energy budgets. The bulk movement of water through the atmosphere, in precipitation, infiltration, evaporation and land runoff presents numerous challenges in the observation of water cycle states and fluxes and in the discretized representation of processes in numerical simulations. These challenges constitute the frontiers of water cycle research and are important targets to improve the scientific understanding and human management of the water cycle. CCS is sponsoring an internal JPL workshop to highlight key challenges in water cycle science, to advance collaborations and to stimulate discussion for future development.

You may view the draft workshop agenda here.