January 20-22, 2015 | Pasadena, CA

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About this workshop

The main goals of the workshop are to evaluate need and identify requirements for a real-time, global ML property dataset (properties of most immediate need; approaches to be taken toward measurement, simulation and archiving of ML products.) The proposed workshop therefore aims for the following outcomes:

  • Identify the role of model-data synthesis in the above.
  • Identify missing links across disciplines.
  • Chart a path forward in developing a real-time, global ML observation system.
  • Identify potential future missions, complementary observation/modeling efforts.
  • Forge beneficial collaborations.
  • Fortify JPL instrument (ML2) development effort (silent goal).
  • Energize NASA HQ about ML science, esp. Advanced Component Technology Program Managers (silent goal)

This workshop is by invitation.


Contact: jpl.climate.center@jpl.nasa.gov